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My favorite time of day are the few moments after it rains. Like, the first 3 or 4 minutes directly after it rains. Everything is so clear and beautiful. The ground is wet, the trees are dripping water off of their leaves, and it seems as if for a couple of minutes the world is at peace. You sort of forget about all the terrible shit that is going on in the world and think to yourself "man, this is what life is worth living for." You breathe in the air, and for once in your life, it's clear. It's pure, it's not polluted, it's the most beautiful smell ever. You can almost taste it on your tounge, it tastes like pure drinking water, the type that you drink straight out of the river, as if it was just melted down from the snow that sits high ontop some mountain that has yet to be touched my skiiers and snowboarders. It's such a beautiful feeling, I wish that we could always have it.



C. Night was really fun last night, although I realize now that I'm a little lonely.

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