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I don't know why, but recently I don't feel like writing in - depth entries. maybe it's because I have a journal now. a real one.

anyways, I stole this from jdogg's journal. props.

Have you ever...
[yes] been drunk.
[no] smoked pot
[yes] kissed a member of the opposite sex.
[yes] rode in a taxi.
[yes] been dumped.
[i thought so] been in love.
[no] shoplifted.
[no] been fired.
[no] been in a fist fight.
[yes] snuck out of your parent's house.
[no] been arrested.
[no] stole something from your job.
[no]celebrated new years in times square.
[no] went on a blind date.
[yes] lied to a friend.
[no] had a crush on a teacher.
[no] celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans.
[yes. I CAN FINALLY SAY YES!!] been to europe.
[yes] skipped school.
[no] thrown up from drinking.
[no] lost your sibling.
[yes]played 'clue'.
[yes] had a sleepover party.
[yes]went ice skating.
[no] dropped x.
[yes] been cheated on.
[no]had a sweet sixteen.
[no] had a quinceanera.
[no]had a car.
[yes] drove.

Do you...
[no] have a bf.
[no] have a gf.
[yes]have a crush.
[yes] feel loved.
[yes] feel lonely.
[yes] feel happy.
[sometimes. very often]hate yourself.
[sometimes] think youre attractive
[yes] have a dog
[yes] have your own room.
[not if i can help it] listen to rap.
[yes] listen to rock.
[yes] listen to soul.
[yes] listen to techno.
[at times] listen to reggae.
[yes] paint your nails.
[yes] have more than 1 best friend.
[attempt to] get good grades.
[yes] play an instrument
[yes] have slippers.
[yes] wear boxers.
[yes] wear black eyeliner
[yes] like the color blue.
[yes] like the color yellow.
[no] cyber.
[?] claim.
[yes] like to read.
[YES!] like to write.
[no] have long hair.
[yes] have short hair.
[yes] have a cell phone.
[yes] have a laptop.
[no] have a pager.

Are you...
[no] ugly.
[I don't know!] pretty.
[i wish] ok.
[yes] bored.
[yes] happy.
[semi. I can get around] bilingual.
[yes] white.
[no] black.
[no] mexican
[no] asian.
[yes] short.
[no] tallish.
[not at the moment] grounded.
[no] sick.
[yes] lazy.
[yes] single.
[no] taken.
[yes] looking.
[no] not looking.
[not at the moment] talking to someone.
[no. well, those fake IM's @ school] IMing someone.
[terrified] scared to die.
[yes] sleepy.
[kinda] annoyed.
[yes] thirsty.
[no] on the phone.
[no] in your room.
[no] drinking something.
[no] eating something.
[no] in your pjs.
[yes] ticklish.
[yes] listening to music.
[no] homophobic. i hope not
[no] racist

jordan and i basiclly had the same answeres. hahah
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